CakeConcierge Wedding, Bridal, & Groom Cakes

We love making your big day just a little more magical with the cake of your dreams.

We believe that the choice of a wedding cake is an expression of the bride and groom’s individuality and unique style. With Komeh’s vivid imagination and exceptional talent, she can customize your cake design and flavors to suit you and your guests. Each cake is skillfully crafted to your specifications and is truly a memorable work of art. Our cakes are not just beautiful – they’re extremely delicious!

We work closely with you from design concept through creation to ensure a magnificent centerpiece for your special day. Let us show you how wonderful your wedding cakes can be!

STEP 1 Brainstorm with one of our amazing artists.

STEP 2 Taste delectable samples.

STEP 3  Make an appetizing decision you won’t regret.